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Vmware View Client Windows 10

After installing the View client, you may connect to the server by entering as the server address. Sign in with your EIU NetID and password to establish the connection to virtual desktops to which you have been granted access.

Vmware View Client Windows 10

Download Zip:

Yes that's right, 5.4 is the oldest version created in 2013. we should be using the latest version of the 4.0 client (which is 4.1 released 6-16-16). This latest version of the client has NO issues with windows 10 or any update patches from Microsoft.

Step 2 - Review the following options and select the one that is appropriate for the device you are using. Remember, most SBCC public computers have the VMWare installed so you can skip the installation.OPTION 1: Install VMware Horizon Client - This will download and install the app/software client on your device. For regular Windows and Mac Desktop and Laptops. OPTION 2: VMware Horizon HTML Access - (Recommended) This version is web based, so it will just load it within your browser window. No download or install required.

The Windows Horizon client is instantiated from a program called vmware-view.exe, and by specifying certain parameters it enables the user to set the connecting protocol, screen resolution and so on. The complete list of parameters is in the "Using VMware Horizon Client for Windows" document; another method is to type this command: 041b061a72


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