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At a later period, not determinable, the papyruswriting material was no longer made up into rollform but was cut into rectangular sheets of variousdimensions, according to the taste of the writer orthe special need, and was then bound together somewhatas a modern book. Sometimes, when greaterdurability was sought, the writer or copyist wouldinsert a leaf of parchment at every five or six leavesof the papyrus. This added greatly to the durabilityof the book. There are examples of books thus"reinforced" which have resisted the destructive influencesof time and use for twelve centuries together.The fragile and extremely perishable characterof the papyrus makes it most remarkable thatany writing thereon should have survived for centuries;indeed, according to Pliny, a volume twocenturies old was considered so exceptional as to bealmost incredible. It was the perishable characterof this material that made the frequent renewal ofmanuscripts handled a constant necessity, and hencethe occupation of the copyists and the departmentof reproduction in the libraries were logical. Thefragile character of the papyrus led, also, to the frequentuse of a wooden case, called a capsa, to protectand preserve the roll. It was under very exceptionalconditions only, as in mummy-cases of Egyptiantombs where they escaped the touch of man and,70almost, the touch of time as well, and, as hermeticallysealed under lava beds at Pompeii and Herculaneum,that the fragile papyrus was sometimespreserved for centuries. 350c69d7ab


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