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Angela Thai

Keywords: agave, asian, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, easy, ginger, gluten-free, julienne, low-carb, make-ahead, no-cook, nut butter, one-pot, raw, spiralizer, summer, tahini, thai, under 30 minutes, zucchini, vegan, salad

angela thai

One X, billed as one the organisation's biggest events in their 10-year history, saw a total of 20 fights which began from 1pm, and included a special rules fight between former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion and MMA great Demetrious Johnson and muay thai star Rodtang Jitmuangnon.

Johnson proved he could match Rodtang by navigating a first round contested with a muay thai ruleset - which features more striking - before taking advantage of an MMA ruleset in the second round to take the 24-year-old Thai to the mat and submit him with a rear-naked choke. 041b061a72

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