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E Revealer Smart Card Reader Free Download

e revealer smart card reader free download

An e revealer smart card reader is a device that can read the information stored on a smart card, such as an identity card or a bank card. A smart card reader can be used for various purposes, such as verifying one's identity, accessing online services, or making payments. An e revealer smart card reader can also be used to reveal the hidden data on a smart card, such as the personal number, the expiry date, or the biometric features.


There are different types of e revealer smart card readers available in the market, such as USB, Bluetooth, or wireless. Some e revealer smart card readers are compatible with multiple types of smart cards, while others are designed for specific cards. For example, some e revealer smart card readers can read the Bahraini identity cards, which are issued by the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) of Bahrain. These cards contain the personal details, the civil status, and the address of the cardholder. The iGA provides various online services for citizens and residents using these cards, such as issuing or renewing identity cards, updating civil records, or booking appointments.

To use an e revealer smart card reader with a Bahraini identity card, one needs to download and install the eID software from the iGA website. The eID software is a program that allows the user to access the information on the smart card, as well as to verify and update the certificates. The eID software also includes the eID Viewer, which is a graphical interface that displays the data on the smart card in a user-friendly way. The eID Viewer can show the photo, the name, the date of birth, the nationality, and other details of the cardholder. The eID Viewer can also print or export the data as a PDF file.

The eID software and the eID Viewer are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. However, some users may encounter problems with their e revealer smart card readers, such as not being recognised by the computer or not showing any certificates. In such cases, one can consult the FAQ section on the iGA website, which provides solutions for common issues. For example, one may need to check whether the e revealer smart card reader is recognised in Device Manager on Windows or in System Information on Mac. One may also need to update the drivers or reinstall the eID software.

If one does not have an e revealer smart card reader or does not want to install any software on their computer, they can still access some of the online services provided by the iGA using their mobile phone. The iGA has developed a mobile app called bWallet, which is a digital wallet that allows users to make payments using their Bahraini identity cards. The bWallet app can scan the QR code on the back of the identity card and verify the identity of the user. The bWallet app can also be used to pay bills, transfer money, or buy vouchers.

An e revealer smart card reader is a useful device that can help users to access various online services using their smart cards. However, one should be careful not to lose or damage their smart cards, as they contain sensitive personal information. One should also protect their smart cards from unauthorized access by using a PIN code or a biometric feature. If one loses or damages their smart card, they should report it to the iGA and request a replacement.

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