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Do something. Be everything.

The constant, nagging itch of not being able to always have my cake and eat it too infuriated me. As many in the advertising sphere I define myself as a jack of all trades- generalist, aspiring multi-expert, I'm certain you know the sort. I adore absorbing in new information and admittedly have allowed myself to be spread thin in multiple directions several times in the past. This summer revealed to me you can have it all- just one thing at a time.

Training was incredibly immersive and insightful. Us fellows were pushed to define our priorities, learn the specific attributes of different positions, prepare for a summer of agency life. When everything was turned around on us and the world life went on: we continued to learn from agency professionals, I immersed myself in D&I, HR, Account Management and Creative Strategy trainings. Then came the projects, opportunities to put critical thinking and teamwork to the test. My fellow agency even moved on to finalist for 100 Roses brief, a social campaign ask centered around inclusivity in the work place (an absolute passion of mine and wonderful D&I/HR training opportunity). It was immersive, intense, holistic, raw, real, expansive and above all self exposing.

I can do it all but only by breaking it down, asking the right questions, receiving support and guidance, setting a bigger picture. As I'm navigating the advertising space and recognizing my non-negotiables (corporate social responsibility, purpose driven marketing, equitable work environments working toward eliminating systematic barriers) I'm recognizing that even just putting oneself in the position to do something bigger is a powerful beginning. I am hungry to grow as professional, contribute to communities and build brands I am proud to serve. Thank you MAIP for giving me this opportunity.

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